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About AIC

Allan Industrial Coatings is the Midwest’s premier industrial coating job shop. The business was started in 1979 by brothers Dave and Monte Allan. Starting out as a small two employee company painting barns and houses, Allan Industrial Coatings has evolved into a multi-faceted industrial coatings company.

Growth and change have always been a trademark that makes AIC stand out above all other custom painting companies. In 1997, AIC continued to change with the growing economy and recognized the need for contract sandblasting and painting of large parts, investing in a liquid booth operation. This division worked directly with OEM’s and their vendors to sandblast and liquid paint large frames and weldments.

As companies continued to outsource painting contracts, coupled with the need for having smaller parts painted, AIC continued to meet customer needs. An automated 60,000 sq. ft. powder coating facility was built in 2001, at the Allison Industrial Park.

Growth at Allan Industrial Coatings revolves around our commitment to a quality finish and the changing needs of its customers. In 2007, AIC expanded further to include an autophoretic line and monorail shot blasting system. The future is bright and the commitment strong at Allan Industrial Coatings, your full service industrial coating company.

In 2009, a 50’ batch powder coating booth was added at AIC Greene facility. The 12’ x 12’ x 50’ booth allows AIC to powder coat large parts in addition to the liquid parts that otherwise can’t be processed at the Allison facility.

In 2012, AIC added a dedicated liquid paint facility in Waterloo. The monorail allows for high production liquid painting of smaller parts just as the monorail line does in Allison. Further adapting processes to maximize efficiency to meet the demands of our customers.

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